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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ’s

Q: Does TBL provide bottles, jars, lids, seals, pumps, labels and other items needed to package my product?

A: We do NOT provide components and/or labels. If you would like to utilize our fulfillment services we ask that you source components and/or labels and have them sent to our warehouse.

Q: How do I source bottles, jars, lids, seals, pumps, labels and other items needed to package my product, on my own?

A: TBL can provide you with a list of Preferred Vendors and is here to offer our advice and expertise along the way!

Q: Will I find a product with a Texas Beauty Labs label in any store, salon or spa?

A: No. TBL is solely a private label and cosmetic base manufacturer. Our bases are not intended for resale with the TBL name.

Q: Does TBL use preservatives?

A: Yes, we do. TBL uses Optiphen a paraben-free and formaldehyde free preservative for personal care products that is Whole Foods approved.

Q: Are TBL products certified Organic?

A: No. However, TBL products are made of all- natural and organic materials!

Q: Can I use an all-natural preservative in place of a TBL approved one?

A: Possibly. This will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will require additional waivers, liability releases, testing and fees.

Email info@texasbeautylabs.comwith a detailed inquiry and we will respond promptly with more information!

Web Orders

Q: What is your standard lead time for web orders?

A: TBL will ship web orders within 4-6 weeks.

Q: Is it possible to expedite my web order?

A: No. TBL understands you want your products ASAP; however, to maximize product shelf-life TBL makes all web orders fresh & at this time only has a few products that are stocked and ready to ship.
As TBL grows, we hope to have more ready to ship products in the near future. J

Q: I would like to add fragrance, color, essential oils, water soluble additives and/or flavor to one of your bases—how does that work?

A: Please refer to the “More Info” tab on the product of your choice. TBL’s recommendations for additives, including usage percentages, can be found here.

Q: I would like TBL to add fragrance, color, essential oils, water soluble additives and/or flavor to one of your bases—can you do that?

A: Yes we can! In this case, the website price isn’t applicable and TBL will send you a price quote for this customization. Simply email info@texasbeautylabs.com your request and we will respond promptly.

Q: Can TBL package the bulk base I want to order?

A: Yes we sure can! If you love one of our bases and wish to package it for retail use please email info@texasbeautylabs.comwith a detailed request and we will respond promptly.

Pricing on the website is not applicable in this instance and TBL will provide a quote for this service.

Q: I am having difficulty placing my order through the online store, please help!

A: Email info@texasbeautylabs.comwith a detailed description of your issue(s) and we will get back to you promptly within normal business hours.

Q: What is the average shelf-life of TBL bases?

A: With proper storage most TBL products have a shelf-life of approximately one year.

Please refer to the “More Info” tab on the product of choice for exact information.

Q: I love a TBL base, but I would like to add and/or remove one or more ingredients, can I do this?

A: Yes*. For this customization the website pricing is not applicable

Please email TBL with a detailed inquiry at info@texasbeautylabs.com and we will get back to you promptly!

*Custom requests are subject to approval by our lab. Remember “TBL hearts Natural” and prefers to work with naturally derived materials.

Q: What if I receive my order and I do not like it, can I return it?

A: No*.

TBL strongly suggests ordering a sample (or two) of a product prior to ordering a full-size base to ensure you love it as much as we do!

*Email info@texasbeautylabs.comif you are unhappy with your order for any reason and TBL will consider issues on a case-by-case basis.A complaint does NOT guarantee a refund.

Q: I would like to order a TBL base in a large quantity that is not listed on the website, what should I do?

A: We’re happy you love our product! Email info@texasbeautylabs.comwith your request and TBL will provide a quote for the larger quantity.

Private Labeling

Q: I want to create a new product or line, where do I start?

A: Email info@texasbeautylabs.comwith your inquiry, general information about your product line and contact information and our Sales Manager will contact you promptly within normal business hours!

Q: What are your order minimums?

A: TBL has very low industry minimums of 200 units/SKU.

Q: I have an existing formula; will TBL work with me?

A: Yes, we’d love to! If you have a formula you would like TBL to replicate so we can manufacture your product, we are here for you.

Q: I have an existing formula but it’s not perfect yet, can TBL help?

A: Yes we can! Our talented chemist is here to offer expertise and tweak your products until you love them.

Q: I do not have a formula but I know what materials I’d like to use in my product, can TBL help?
A: Yes! Our experienced staff will set up a consultation to discuss the details of your product, will offer suggestions and can help guide you through the process.

Q: What is the start-up cost for a new line or product and/or having TBL manufacture my existing line or product?

A: TBL charges a one-time Retainer Fee of $500 to all new clients. Email info@texasbeautylabs.com for a detailed break-down of fees.
Do keep in mind that any amount not used of the Retainer Fee will automatically be applied to your first full order J

Q: I plan to expand my line in the future; will I have to pay the Retainer Fee for every new product?

A: No. The Retainer Fee is a one-time fee; however, for each additional product traditional sample fees apply.

Q: If I have TBL manufacture my product or line based on an existing formula, who owns the formula?

A: You retain ownership of your formula.

Q: If TBL custom or reverse formulates a product or line for me, who owns the formula?

A: TBL retains ownership of this formula.

TBL will NEVER replicate this formula for personal or commercial use by TBL or competitors.

Q: I really love a product that is made by one of my favorite brands and I would like TBL to manufacture something similar. I do not have the formula, can TBL help?

A: Yes*! This is considered a Reverse Formulation. As long as you have a full-size sample of the product you’re inspired by with an accurate ingredient listing, our lab can give it a go.

*Reverse Formulations are subject to lab approval. Remember “TBL Hearts Natural” and prefers to work with naturally derived materials. Should your dream product be composed of non-natural materials or have an inaccurate ingredient listing the lab may not be able to replicate it.